Does sex really burn calories?

Can having sex make you lose weight? Can coitus be used as a diet? Can certain sexual positions melt as much fat as a workout? Yes, no, how and why? We tell you the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Certainly, sex makes us sweat, sometimes even sweat in big drops, but does it really allow us to eliminate our two scoops of ice cream with whipped topping and caramelized hazelnuts? If so, in how many sessions, for how long? What is the energy expenditure of love? Survey on a physical education like no other…

How many calories are burned during sexual intercourse?

According to a study published by the magazine Plos One and cited by Medical News Today (source 1), men burn an average of 101 calories, and women 69 calories, during a25-minute sexual intercourse. So you would need to have about two to three sex sessions of that length to eliminate a chocolate éclair (241 calories on average) or a burger (295). According to the researchers who conducted this study, lovemaking falls into the moderate-intensity category (more intense than walking but less intense than running).

Other studies have found a little less or a little more energy expended during coitus, but overall, this does not appear to be the best way to lose weight. Maxime St-Onge, PhD in Human Kinetics in Montreal, compares sex to playing darts: “Sex is not a very energy-intensive activity. »

A variable result according to the positions and the energy you put into it

Of course it depends on who does what: if you let yourself be ridden without doing anything in starfish mode, you won’t burn much. But if you give it your all for an hour, you’ll burn almost as many calories as you would in a short jog or bike ride (not electric, of course), according to Bethsabee Krivoshey, author of My Sex and Me. And if you’re the Javanese wheelbarrow in the position of the same name, you’ll cut up to 500 calories. When you know that you burn an average of 170 to 280 calories in 30 minutes of swimming, it starts to be worth it (even bad, hihi)

A little extra: note that according to the experts on the Health site (source 2), each moan burns five calories on its own. To optimize caloric expenditure , don’t hesitate to make noise.

Sex is good for your abs and your overall fitness level

Muscle your abs while making love

The muscles most used in most sexual positions are the abdominal muscles. In addition, contracting the abdomen causes a massage of the belly and thus promotes intestinal transit. Discover more tips in this article Getting stronger while making love.

Making love is good for keeping in shape

Sex is good heart exercise: the heart emits 100 beats per minute during arousal and up to 180 during orgasm (compared to 50 to 80 normally).

But be careful, as Dr. Lena Lange and her colleagues at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Frankfurt explained in a recent study: ” Sex can cause cardiovascular accidents, especially in subjects with a high body mass index (BMI). Indeed, remember Uroko Onaja or Jim McConaughey, Matthew’s father, both of whom linked the little death to the big one for these reasons.

Which sexual positions to burn calories?

While any type of sex is considered physical activity, some very active positions use several muscle groups and are more effective than others at melting fat.

For women

  • The Javanese wheelbarrow: in this acrobatic and demanding position, the woman is on all fours, resting on her forearms. The man comes to stand behind her, grasping her ankles, so as to place the woman’s thighs on his own thighs.
  • The frenzied position: the man is sitting, legs stretched out. The woman sits in front of him, straddling him, and leans back, leaning on her arms. You are therefore working on your biceps and triceps.

For the men

  • The stag in rut : the man is standing, and the woman from behind in front of him. He carries her while she bends her legs and holds them with her arms so that she is in a sitting position. The man then manages the back and forth at arm’s length, swinging his partner back and forth.
  • Crouching doggy style: The man is crouched down on his feet to make his muscles work harder. Note: he also penetrates his partner more deeply.

For all, a missionary revisited

If the missionary’s position does not have a reputation as an “athletic” position, it can become one! If Madam rotates her hips up and forward, so that the pelvis rises slightly, the effort will be intensified. As for the gentleman, he will work his arms more if he is leaning on them rather than slumping on his partner. And if he cracks with a kiss between some of these back and forth, he will do push-ups no less erotic

Other tips to maximize energy expenditure

  • Take control: when you’re active, you’re bound to spend more. So if you want to burn calories, take the lead when you have sex. Stand over your partner lying on his back, ask him to do nothing, and alternate up and down movements using only your leg muscles. The up and down movement is similar to a squat and works the quadriceps, hamstrings and buttocks.
  • Hold: Simplyholding a position will work the deep muscles and increase energy expenditure. Winning is guaranteed!
  • Eat after sex (or long before): first of all for the comfort of your stomach, which never feels like being tossed around when it’s full. Second, because libido and sex don’t like heavy bellies or digestion. Third, because it makes weight loss easier. Attention: a small banana will guarantee you tonus while avoiding possible hypoglycemia.

In short, as far as caloric expenditure is concerned, most of the positions that we practice regularly do not make the weight in front of swimming or cross-country skiing. But the advantage of this particular sport is that it can be practiced gently and quietly from home, and above all it allows you to combine business with pleasure.

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